Referee Cakir: “I have no doubt the Nani red card was right”

By at 9:30 am 08/03/2013

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Referee Cuneyt Cakir has responded to the waves of criticism that he has received after sending Nani off against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday night.

The Turkish official has firmly stood by his decisions and claims “the world will realise the truth over time” in a statement that will confuse fans even further.

He is quoted by as saying: “I feel good and I do not doubt my decisions. Nani‘s red was correct. The world will realise the truth over time.

“In previous games with English teams, no decision was unfair. What was a wrong decision? Is it the Terry red or Balotelli?

“It gives me a sense of sadness. I don’t think about it. I received more criticism sometimes, but I always got up and went on. I can do it again. I’m trying to do my job properly and in the good way. I have to go on, doing my job right.”

Does Cakir not know the world already realises the truth? From Ian Holloway and Rafael Benitez to David Moyes and Michael Laudrup, managers have firmly backed Manchester United and agree that the decision was baffling to send Nani off.

Being a referee isn’t a job I am jealous of given the tendencies to have your mistakes analysed rather than your good games, but Cakir is pulling the wool over his own eyes if he feels that the English media have a vendetta against him for his previous decisions against English sides.

Howard Webb managed to keep his head in the 2010 World Cup Final even though Nigel de Jong should of 100% been sent off, and the game benefited as a consequence. Cuneyt Cakir could of used his common sense and done the same, it wasn’t as if the game was full of bad tackles and lunges.

Well-respected referee, Pierluigi Collina is also reportedly in support of Cuneyt Cakir’s controversial decision to send off Nani.

Collina, who is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest ever referees, currently sits on the UEFA Referees Committee after retiring from the game in 2005 and often reviews referee’s performances in UEFA’s competitions.

And according to a report from Turkish newspaper Milliyet, the Italian agreed with Cakir’s decision to dismiss Nani after evaluating his performance at Old Trafford.

Collina is reported to have been happy with Cakir’s performance during the game and only found fault in the Turkish official’s decision not to show a red card to Rio Ferdinand after he sarcastically clapped in his face at the full-time whistle.

The report concludes that Collina awarded Cakir an 8.2 out of 10 for his overall performance on the night.

This is likely to come as quite a shock to United fans, and football fans alike, as many regard Cakir’s dismissal of the Portuguese international to be a poor one but it now seems unlikely that UEFA will proceed to take any disciplinary action against Cakir.

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