Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City: Five talking points

Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City: Five talking points

[tps_header]David Moyes and the players promised that Manchester United were going to right the wrongs of our performance against Liverpool and take the game to Manchester City – really?

Apart from a 15 minute period at the end of the first half, Manchester City had their hand round United’s throat and we were happy to let them hold on.

The fight was timid. The determination to find a goal was non existent. The willingness to win wasn’t there.

After the Liverpool game, you’d think United’s players would have wanted to show it was a one off?

Evidently not.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]An awful start[/tps_title]

Manchester United looked like a bunch of strangers who had only just met and were playing football for the first time for 20 minutes. Calling it amateur doesn’t quite cut it.

We were 1-0 down with 45 seconds after letting Manchester City run at us, get a shot in and score from the rebound.

You’d see better organisation from a team in the Championship

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