Ferdinand: Frustration and disappointment sums up the season so far

By at 12:12 pm 21/04/2014

Frustration, disappointment, diabolical, dire, atrocious, underwhelming, unsatisfactory.

No matter what superlative you attach to describe Manchester United‘s season, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Rio Ferdinand has taken to Twitter to voice his own frustration and disappointment with what has happened in the understatement of the century.

Everybody expected a tough year following Fergie’s departure but nobody expected United to transform from a title winning side to one that had about as much competitive edge as a six year old playing connect four.

Under David Moyes, our confidence in winning has been replaced with a mentality that almost expects defeat. Losing isn’t a surprise any more.

On a personal level for Ferdinand, his season has been very frustrating as he has seemed more interested in laying the foundations for his post-United career than playing for the team, but no player is a scapegoat this season. It’s a collective problem.

Some argue that £200 million in the summer will help Moyes transform this United side and take it back to the top but he has already spent £70 million and we look worse.

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