Gary Neville admits he’d turn down the Manchester United job

Gary Neville admits he’d turn down the Manchester United job

Jamie Carragher put Gary Neville on the spot last night on Monday Night Football and asked him whether he would accept the job if it was offered to him.

After a sarcastic chuckle, Neville was straight-forward and blunt in his response.

“No,” he repeated unequivocally.

Unlike Ryan Giggs, Neville probably isn’t suitable to be the manager of Manchester United but I’ve no doubt that Neville can go on to become one of the best assistant managers Manchester United have ever had if he gets the chance in the future.

His tactical nous is second to none, he knows how to improve players and how to expose the opposition – it’s what years of watching the game unfold from a right-back position can do to a player.

However, Neville just doesn’t come across as the sort of person who would enjoy being a manager or thrive on being in the spotlight.

Neville’s greatest strengths come from an analytical perspective and that’s why he could be so good in management, but only as an assistant.

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