Gary Neville: You don’t get excited going to Anfield

Gary Neville: You don’t get excited going to Anfield

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has had his say on the club’s upcoming clash with Liverpool at Anfield.

The first thing most United fans search for when the new season’s fixture list is released are the matches against Liverpool but it appears that Neville doesn’t share the same enthusiasm.

The former right-back has faced off against the Reds countless times but it seems going to there stadium was nothing to get hyped up about.

The Red Devils go toe-to-toe with their rivals on Saturday in an encounter that’s perfectly timed after the recent international break.

Gary though, had a different take on what it’s like to travel the short distance across to Anfield, citing that there’s too much at stake to enjoy the occasion.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said: “I was never excited about going to Anfield. There was always too much at stake. You only got excited when you won there.

“It is also the biggest game because United have played a lot of the lower teams, so this is their first real test.

“This game, in some ways, defines how they are set up for a tough run of upcoming fixtures, with Tottenham and Chelsea also coming in the next four Premier League games.”

Neville has become a pundit since hanging up his boots but did try his hand at management with Spain’s Valencia, unfortunately it didn’t end well.

However, the former defender has returned to punditry where everyone enjoys to his insightful views on the game fans love so dearly.

This time supporters get to understand just how daunting a match of this size can be for players on either side.

The Red Devils fan base will be hoping that Liverpool’s players feel more pressured by the occasion than their own players.

Manager Jose Mourinho was quick to point out that this match is still just for three points and no more, stating that preparations are just the same regardless of the opposition.

Away fans will be keen to see their manager pull off another one of his famous, or infamous depending on what side of it you’re on, tactical masterclasses.

Jose and his team head into the fixture in good form, keen on announcing to the world that they’re ready to contend for the Premier League title once more.

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