Manchester United target Timo Werner insists he will remain with RB Leipzig

Manchester United target Timo Werner insists he will remain with RB Leipzig

Jose Mourinho will surely be disappointed to hear that Manchester United target and RB Leipzig man Timo Werner has insisted he will remain with his current club.

The German international previously expressed his desire to play in the Premier League and even name dropped the Portuguese manager’s side.

This obviously excited United fans with Werner representing one of Europe’s most brightest prospects and would certainly add quality to the side.

Despite starting up the rumours and transfer mill himself, the youngster has seemingly back tracked and has committed himself once more to his side.

Supporters’ dreams of seeing an attacking trio of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Timo will have to temporarily wait as things stand.

United definitely do have a potentially attacking trio of youngsters in Rashford, Martial and Romelu Lukaku with all three being under the age of 25.

Alexis Sanchez has come in to complicate the possibility of that happening but there’s no question of the talent he adds to the squad.

On paper, the trio of the Chilean, Lukaku and Juan Mata represent one of the best in the Premier League but it’s not one that has gotten the best balance so far in practice.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of time with Sanchez still adjusting to his new team but it could simply do with their manager’s tactics.

Jose is known to have a particular way of doing things and so the three players may not be used in the way that they may wish to be used.

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