Paul Pogba: Playing with PSG’s Neymar would be a pleasure

Paul Pogba: Playing with PSG’s Neymar would be a pleasure

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has admitted that playing with PSG’s crown jewel and Brazil international Neymar would be a pleasure.

While the Frenchman’s comments were perhaps harmless, a lot of fans have already taken issue with it due to reports previously linking him with the Ligue 1 side.

It’s not the first time Pogba has talked about playing with other club’s stars and so it makes the comments a little less serious than they may be.

Quality players always want to play with quality players and so it makes sense why the midfielder would publicly admit what he did.

However, due to his ongoing saga supporters were always going to take the comments with a pinch of salt and he’s certainly not helped his situation at all.

According to Sky Sports, Paul said to TyC Sports: “Yes, Neymar. I like him. He has the definition of happiness on the pitch. In Brazil, football is everything, it’s life in Brazil. Everyone plays football.

“I love to see him on the pitch playing, with his technique and his ability. It’s a different style. When you say the word ‘Neymar’ around the world, everyone knows who he is and what he does.

“Therefore if I could play with him one day, it would be a pleasure.”

Of course there is the alternative scenario to imagine but it’s also the one that’s far less likely to happen in the real world.

There have been recent reports surfacing that United are interested in Neymar and are willing to break the bank to pull him away from PSG’s grasp.

It could be that Paul Pogba was simply stating his desire to play with another of the world’s stars without it meaning that he wished to leave such as he did last summer with Antoine Griezmann.

Aside of the unlikeliness of the Brazilian’s desire to leave the club he just joined, Jose Mourinho already has a defensive revamp he needs to deal with and so can’t possibly afford to blow his transfer budget on one player.

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