Jermaine Defoe: I would’ve loved to have played for Sir Alex Ferguson

Jermaine Defoe: I would’ve loved to have played for Sir Alex Ferguson

Bournemouth star Jermaine Defoe has admitted he would’ve loved to have played for Sir Alex Ferguson and paid tribute to the former manager.

The Scotsman is currently in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage that threatens his life.

The operation thankfully went successfully but there will certainly be a need for recovery as tributes to continue to pour in fro him.

Defoe was reportedly a target for Sir Alex many times though nothing transpired and it remained a case of ‘what could’ve been’ for Manchester United.

The club icon drew in top players from all over the world due to their desire to play for him and the Englishman admits he’s no different.

According to Breaking News, Jermaine said to Press Association Sport: “I never played for him but I played against him many times – an icon all over the world.

“His record speaks for itself, and what he achieved at Manchester United. When I heard the news my heart dropped straight away; I want to wish him and the family all the best.

“I hope he pulls through – not so long ago he was presenting Arsene Wenger with that trophy. Away from that he’s a nice guy; he’s had amazing messages from people in football.

There was interest, at the time I was young. When you’re young it’s nice to be linked with the biggest clubs in the world. They bought Saha; I remember a lot of the boys telling me when I’d go away with England, ‘I thought you were actually coming’.

“That would have been amazing, but I was young, and you get your head down and get on with it. As a manager, I’d have loved to have played for him. There’ll be many players that will say that, because he was the best.”

Jermaine Defoe has proven himself to be an astute Premier League striker and there’s no doubt Ferguson would’ve made him even better.

Either way it never happened but it’s good to see the goalscorer wish the former Aberdeen man well in his pursuit for good health.

Sir Alex Ferguson has touched the lives of many with most of them falling in love with his ‘never say die’ attitude that will hopefully serve him well once more in recovery.

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