Does Jose Mourinho need another striker at Manchester United?

Does Jose Mourinho need another striker at Manchester United?

Reports in recent days have surfaced that Jose Mourinho is also considering bringing in another striker to Manchester United amongst the other positions he’s hoping to fill already.

The Portuguese manager is said to be looking for two full-backs, a centre-back and a midfielder but it seems he could be set to bring in another forward as well.

Mourinho himself earlier in the season insisted he’s happy with his attacking options and will not look to change them in the summer; neither sell or buy.

However, recent reports seem to suggest something else which is that the former Real Madrid manager is frustrated with his current options and so may bring in someone else to play backup to Romelu Lukaku.

Publicly Jose has complained about how the current crop of players don’t offer the same attributes as the Belgian international.

The truth is, United would be better off spending their money elsewhere with their attacking talents pretty much sorted.

It is correct however that none of the current crop of players play similarly to Lukaku but perhaps Jose should attempt to cater to their attributes instead of forcing a different situation.

It’s clear one of Marcus Rashford or Anthony Martial will eventually compete for the forward position and apart from the headache of picking who it will be, it’s obvious they’re capable of playing backup.

The problem starts when Jose Mourinho attempts to play with the same target man style instead of catering to the young duo’s talents such as dribbling and pace.

What kind of message would bringing another striker into the club send to those two talented stars?

The Red Devils defence and midfield is in desperate need of a revamp so why spend that money on a position that isn’t in need of reinforcing in the transfer window?

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