Didier Deschamps: Paul Pogba must be given complete freedom

Didier Deschamps: Paul Pogba must be given complete freedom

France manager Didier Deschamps has claimed that the way to get the best out of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is to give him complete freedom.

The international boss leapt to the defence of his key player ahead of the World Cup in Russia and insisted there’s nothing the midfielder is lacking.

Pogba has come in for some serious criticism this season for his inconsistencies and inability to show his top talent on a regular basis.

Equally Jose Mourinho has come in for criticism for not playing the Frenchman in his best role in a team that’s meant to be built around him.

Deschamps was adamant that Paul is capable of anything but can’t be expected to do everything, making a point to the Portuguese manager.

According to Sports Mole, Didier said: “He’s a midfielder indeed. He’s not a No.10, not a forward. He can always score, but he’s a midfielder, a complete midfielder, but he can’t do everything.

“It’s nuanced. He has the potential, that is quite important. We talked about [the jeering], and Paul knows it wasn’t his best match. He’s conscious about that.

“But the team needs him and he certainly needs freedom inside the team, but there was one match where he didn’t play so well.

“You used the term to public [about whistling], the audience, they are part of the spectacle, and sometimes they don’t really know what they do.

“Of course it’s not nice when things like that happen in the stadium, but it’s always a minority who does such things.

“And most of the times for reasons that are not really reasonable. Sometimes it’s just about the club where they play, or something else.

“But all of those players, they are French players, they wear the same jersey and I know that the big majority of the public and all supporters are 100% behind Les Bleus.”

Paul certainly has plenty to prove in his third campaign at Manchester United but he has the perfect opportunity to make a point to Mourinho while away with France.

It appears the former Real Madrid manager though has already addressed the concerns surrounding the former Juventus man as he’s brought in Shakhtar Donetsk’s Fred with the Brazilian perhaps going to be used in a three man midfield that also involves Nemanja Matic.

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