Wes Brown: I nearly had a heart attack being Eric Cantona’s boot boy

Wes Brown: I nearly had a heart attack being Eric Cantona’s boot boy

Manchester United icon Wes Brown has revealed what it was like being Eric Cantona’s boot boy, claiming he almost had a heart attack on one occasion.

Of course young footballers nowadays don’t know what the footballers in the past went through as they’re more protected whether for the better or for the worse.

But back in Brown’s and Cantona’s days the young stars of the football club’s would clean and manage the senior stars’ boots, making them ready for match-day action.

The Englishman was the Frenchman’s boot boy and therefore had the responsibility to ensure they were in tip-top condition.

Unfortunately for the former, things went awfully wrong at one occasion and it’s fair to say he was more than frightened for his life.

According to M.E.N, Wes said: “I’ll never forget the day he [Cantona] came to ask me where his boots were and I didn’t know.

“I nearly had a heart attack when I realised his boots had disappeared. To this day, I still don’t know where they went!

“I was a teenager at the time when Eric joined and we were all in awe of him. We’d play jokes on some of the other lads but any time Eric used to walk into the training ground we’d all go quiet.

“He just had this aura about him and what he did for the club and brought to the team was amazing.”

Youngsters back in those days would also do many other things that involved the day to day upkeep of the club.

On many occasion the Class of 92 players talked about how they would help the kit-man with washing the clothes and would also make sure the toilets were clean.

Some critics have claimed young stars are protected too much by not being forced to do the same, leading to an inflated ego and eventually a lack of character.

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