Manchester United at the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Manchester United at the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Manchester United. It’s probably the most well-known football club in the world. And deservingly so. The club boasts of a fan following that is almost beyond belief. It seems that in any corner of the world if there is a person who is interested in football he or she has not only heard of Man Utd. but could even be a fan! Now that’s saying something.

That’s primarily because this massively awarded club seems to attract the best of football talents from across the world.

Man United is a huge favourite among the bookies too. There’s always money to be made by a United fan if they are interested in betting on the club. More often than not, the club delivers.

If you’d like to get in on the action you could too, the best way to go about it is online and have fun with coral betting! Remember, though, blindly following a club is great as a fan but less so if you’re wanting to make some money off the game. Always be sure to do your homework on who the best teams are and players are on any given game that you want to bet on. Still Man Utd. are pretty close to a sure bet as you could hope to find. This year in Russia, Manchester United has eleven of its very best players representing their countries in the FIFA World Cup tournament.


Most the clubs players have found a place in the English team. Players like Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard are beefing up the ranks of the squad here. We expect great things from them and if the first game was anything to go by they just might pull some stuff off but it’s not going to be an easy task.


The South American heavyweights are getting a booster in the form of Marcos Rojo. The team’s main man Messi is the one though that the world is focussing on. But as everybody knows in football it just takes one man at the right time and the right place to change fortunes. And while the world focusses on Messi, someone else just might do the trick.


One of the favourites this year, France is the destination for Paul Pogba. The team has had a good run up to now as has Pogba, making his presence felt on the field. And he’s got big dreams for this year.


The keeper of United’s goal is doing the same for Spain during this World Cup in Russia. It can be argued after their first match that David de Gea is not really in top form for the race to the title, but goals do get scored and not all can be kept out. Having said that it is obvious to even the hardest cynic that de Gua is one of the best goalkeepers there is in the world today and as Spain moves up the ranks things will turn out better for him.


The other teams that you can find some United players in are Sweden, Belgium and Serbia.

Victor Lindelof for Sweden, Romelu Lakaku & Marouane Fellani for Belgium and Nemanja Matic for Serbia to be precise.

With the matches having started and the teams moving through the ranks on their way to the knockout stages we can safely say that the United talent will play a big role in the making of history in Russia this year.

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