7 common mistakes in football betting

7 common mistakes in football betting

Football betting is one of the most profitable sports to wager on. In order to be successful, however, you need to be informed, ambitious, and you should also know punters’ most common football betting mistakes so that you can avoid them.

In this article, we will inform you of the most common football betting mistakes. Read them thoroughly and try to avoid them if you want to get the most from this lucrative undertaking. Before proceeding, however, we would like to discuss something. Sports betting can never be absolutely positive and, especially if you are new to the enterprise, you will make mistakes from time to time.

It is important to keep in mind that each mistake you make is going to cost you money. But do not let this bother you. In time, you will understand that both the mistakes you make and the money you subsequently lose will help you become a better football punter.

Having made this clear, let us proceed with the most common football betting mistakes.

1. Being too greedy

Since football betting is all about the thrill of the experience and the potential to accumulate great wealth, players usually choose to place multiple bets, thinking they have a better chance to win. Of course, top rated bookmakers encourage players to make multiple selection bets to make these bets more appealing. In fact, however, multiple betting is not all that profitable.

Most professional football punters rarely, if ever, place multiple selection bets. Instead, professionals bet on singles and try to avoid multiple selection bets as much as possible.

2. Betting too emotionally

It is vital to remember that in betting, emotions undermine success. You must accept the fact that a bet can result in either a gain or a loss. And when you invest emotions in your bets, you might not make the right decision. That is why you must learn how to keep your emotions at bay while gambling.

3. Blindly trusting experts

Since football is one of the world’s most popular sports, there is never a shortage of people willing to give their expert (or amateur) opinion. The thing is, most football punters, and novices in particular, tend to rely greatly on experts’ opinions when placing bets. But in football betting, the odds are more important than what experts say. That is why it is better to let the odds influence your decision, and not experts’ judgments.

4. Not considering starting line-ups

Some gamblers make a crucial mistake when placing their bet – they do not take into account the starting elevens of both teams. In fact, starting line-ups are released as early as a whole hour before the beginning of a fixture, so that punters have enough time to take into consideration the starting elevens of both teams before placing their bets.

5. Being impatient

If you want to be a successful football punter, you need to be patient. Of course, it is possible to score a big win with a 30/1 multiple bet, but the case may not always be such. In order to be really successful, and not just lucky, you need to be patient.

In time, you will gain experience and you will be able to place more informed bets, thus substantially increasing your winning chance.

6. Misunderstanding value

Misunderstanding value is another widely common mistake, but it is regarded as the costliest mistake you can possibly make. Consider the following statement and say whether it is true or false: 1 High odds are a good value, but 2 Low odds represent a bad value.

If you believe the statement to be false – congratulations. And if you believe that “it depends”, then you know what is value in the context of betting, and you should be proud.

But a great number of punters consider this statement to be true, which means that they misunderstand the idea of value in football betting. So what is value?

Value is a measure of how odds relate to the approximate winning chances of your wager. To put it simply, a bet offers good value when its estimated winning chances are greater than the odds, proposed by the bookmaker.

7. Sticking to a losing strategy

The last mistake we will discuss today is one that is actually very hard to avoid. After all, realising that your strategy is a losing one, why not simply stop using it? Well, things are more complex than that.

As a matter of fact, no system or strategy, or tactic, works all the time. At times, even the best strategy will let you down. It is important to remember that success will never come if you discard every system that lets you down once. Patience and perseverance will lead you to success. Nevertheless, avoid sticking to a strategy that keeps on letting you down.

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