Soccer, Chess and Poker: Wars Always Begin and End on a Board

Soccer, Chess and Poker: Wars Always Begin and End on a Board

Certain sports disciplines seem very different from each other, until they talk about the strategies applied in them to aim to achieve victory. When we look closely at sports such as football, chess and poker, we may think that the least relationship between them is football.

Not far from reality. Each of these activities, within its regulations, rules and techniques have much in common. When their strategists decide to design action plans aimed at achieving success, they all end up on a board, and that is where their similarities become more evident.

The table is the point where all the disciplines converge, it constitutes the starting point for a real battle of techniques and strategies focused on a particular objective: to win. Not in vain, it is said that the best wars before being executed, were planned on a board.

Many victories, both in war and in sport, have been conquered thanks to the sagacity, cunning and intelligence of its executors. They are, ultimately, responsible for leading their troops on the path of success or defeat, depending on the accuracy of their tactics.

The role of coaches in the development of successful techniques and strategies for these disciplines

As good as you are in a sport or leisure, the role of an instructor is essential. The experience and thorough knowledge of the most effective strategies to implement at the right time and place in a game is the key that will make the difference in the thin line between success and defeat.

A well-trained brain, the key to good soccer

Xavi Hernández, an experienced soccer player of the Spanish national team, often pointed out the importance of a conscious and trained brain as a necessary tool to win a game, well above the value given by the fans to the player’s legs to achieve such an end.

In this sense, an experienced guide is also a fundamental key for all team members to complement each other, creating an overall organisation in favour of a common goal. The coaches, technicians, and coach, therefore, play a vital role in the development of each discipline, call this: soccer, chess or poker.

Take care of the ego in poker, train

In the case of poker, many experienced players tend to think that by winning games they already have all the knowledge they need. Serious error.

When the ego begins to entangle the minds of poker players, many do not realise and begin to put aside basic aspects such as self-criticism, or the need to continue evolving in such a changing discipline, strategically speaking. This inevitably will lead to failure.

Using a poker coach, as well as an intelligent practice is a way to renew strategies., listed as the best poker player in history, whose strategies were infallible, and still persist as role models, despite his terrible addiction to drugs.

Schools of this discipline and even blogs on Internet share interesting techniques. For practice you can use casino portals that offer their users free games and bonuses, with which you can, in addition to training, get some extra profit with a little luck.

Here is a link by way of example:

The art of war on a board: Chess

Chess, on the other hand, is another of the disciplines in which you get better results if you have a strategist’s advice.

It has been demonstrated that chess at an early age fosters greater learning in areas such as planning, abstract thinking, concentration and particularly, decision-making.

Bobby Fischer is the most famous chess player in history, in a short time he became one of the most sought after masters of the sport.

In an interview this player indicated that the success of this game is based on the joint work of the mind and body, for which the latter must be in perfect condition if you want to achieve success.

Balance between mind and body, the secret of any discipline

Soccer on the other hand, has a large number of players whose careers and experience have marked the path of success for various teams around the world.

One of the most influential characters in this sport today, and that additionally bases his triumphs on strategies associated with the practice of chess, is the well-known coach Josep (Pep) Guardiola.

His success is based on a very basic phrase in which he outlines: “The secret of winning soccer is playing with simplicity”. According to the simplicity of his criterion  “The feet should only follow the instructions of the head”.

We conclude, then, that a clear association between chess, poker and soccer is that to achieve success in these disciplines a balanced connection of body and mind is needed, a vital aspect to achieve success. This goes hand in hand, of course, with strategies drawn in advance on a board by an experienced guide.

The boards in the history of wars

The boards are, without a doubt, the perfect scenario for the planning of a confrontation, either sporting or warlike. They bring together a storm of strategies and tactics where only the most audacious minds will achieve the desired goals.

The history of humanity is full of wars of all kinds: territorial, religious, political, to name a few; with the common ingredient of your previous planning through a strategy board.

Fischer and Spassky,  a battle for history

The most curious case of a battle through a board was starred in 1972 by Fischer (American) and Spassky (Russian).

These chess players participated in the “match of the century”, as this tournament is historically known. In this meeting, in a subliminal way, each player represented not only his country, but also his policies and forms of government; totally opposite, by the way.

It could be said that, literally, a war was carried out with only 32 pieces on a board. If every act of war could be solved like that, how different our world would be now.

Taking as a framework the scenario of the cold war, the American adversary represented the western tendency of capitalist vision, while the Russian represented the communist system, with totally opposite economic and social forms.

This meeting, which the American won, served as a palliative to alleviate the tensions of that time. This “match” marked a milestone in strategies and creative ways to win a war on a game board is concerned.

Poker, nothing to consider a strategy sport

Poker in recent years has been controversial, the reason: the possibility of being classified as a strategic sport.

While you are not running, nor there is a great muscular effort at the time of playing poker, it is undeniably evident, a great mental performance is needed when participating in their games. Does not chess require the same? Actually: yes.

Of course, the rules of poker are not as complex as those of chess, however, part of the greatness of this card game lies in its simplicity.

What basically limits poker to being considered a sport is the stigma attached to chance and bets, and the places where the games are usually played: The casinos.

However, at present, both soccer, as chess and practically all existing sports are related and surrounded by bets, directly or indirectly. As we can see, money involved into the development of any sport practice is something totally normal.

In short, if the basic limitation to prevent poker from being classified as a sport is betting, then other sports disciplines also fail, and should not be considered as such.

Time will tell who is right. In the meantime, if you want to discover how to organise strategies in a virtual poker board and know its dynamics in order to form yourself correctly in this excellent game, then visit

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