Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo sends heartfelt message to Sir Alex Ferguson

Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo sends heartfelt message to Sir Alex Ferguson

Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson reunited at Old Trafford following Manchester United’s 0-1 defeat to Juventus in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Ferguson famously brought Ronaldo to Old Trafford in 2003 as a mere teenager for a fee of £12.2m – a record sum for a teenager at the time.

And it was the Scot, more than anyone else, who helped Ronaldo morph into the demonically brilliant, five time Ballon d’Or winner that he is today.

Ronaldo took to social media on Wednesday morning to express his love and appreciation for the man, adding that he was looking well after suffering a stroke in May.

Ferguson took Ronaldo under his wing when he was just 18 and, as many people forget, somewhat inconsistent, his game littered with unnecessary step-overs and lacking the balance required to succeed at the very top level.

Over the years he married the raw talent and determination of Ronaldo with his core principles of driven, swashbuckling attacking football, and the end result was apocalyptically good. Ferguson created the platform from which Ronaldo became a Real Madrid legend and one of the greatest ever to play the game.

Very rarely do you get a footballing relationship so special and successful.

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