Danny Blind: Jose Mourinho does not have a playing style

Danny Blind: Jose Mourinho does not have a playing style

Former Netherlands manager Danny Blind has blasted Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, claiming he has no playing style or identity.

Fans have wondered the same after witnessing their rivals such as Manchester City or Liverpool play with a clear style and system.

The excuse was that both of those respective team’s managers were better backed or have been at their clubs longer but when Arsenal’s Unai Emery has his side playing with his vision in just a few months time, it has sparked quite the debate.

With Mourinho under pressure this season it’s often been the stick used to beat him with and Blind wasn’t shy to do the same either.

United often appear as though their tactics depend on the opposition they’re facing which has seen numerous formations and styles used over the years.

According to the Daily Mail, Danny said: “Jose can’t even get the right formation any more.

“He has not bought the right players and the ­football is not based on a playing style with clarity for the players.

“For example, he is always ­changing his line of defenders. One match he has five at the back, then four at the back and, when I look at some matches, he is actually playing with six players in a straight line at the back when they have the ball.”

It’s this lack of identity that has often pointed to as the reason why the Red Devils haven’t progressed as much and why many of their players are inconsistent.

Supporters have become even more enraged as pretty much all the top six teams play with an attacking philosophy and certain styles of play.

Manchester United seem to be the only team who aren’t clear on how they feel they should play.

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