Manchester United face difficult second-half of the season

Manchester United face difficult second-half of the season

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United will face a difficult second-half to their season as they sit eighth as they head into Christmas.

The legendary Norwegian saw his players fall to a 2-0 defeat against bottom-tabled Watford in one of the worst losses in his tenure.

United’s superb wins vs Tottenham and Manchester City saw them draw close to the top four positions and could’ve potentially climbed but fell short against Everton and Watford in back to back results.

Solskjaer’s men have continuously frustrated fans with their inconsistent performances and it seems as though their displays against ‘lesser’ sides will cost them their season.

For all of the positives in the former Molde man’s reign, if things continue as they are, it will reach a point where a decision will be made- three year plan or not.

In truth, Solskjaer is lucky the Premier League is incredibly competitive this season and so has benefitted from still being relatively close to the top four despite dropping silly points.

Had it been last season, it’s likely the Red Devils would’ve been much worse off in the table.

With Mauricio Pochettino basically a free agent at the moment, it’s also a little too tempting to ignore.

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