Manchester United fans certainly enjoyed the club’s 6-0 win over Tranmere in the FA Cup but they ensured they kept up their recent anti-Glazers protests.

Supporters’ hatred for their club’s owners has flared up again with the squad’s weaknesses so horribly exposed this season.

It’s certainly a culmination of multiple errors since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement though there were protests even during his reign.

Fans are hoping this time around their protests will work in either the form of a change of attitude from the owners or them leaving entirely.

Some fans aren’t too concerned with the Glazers themselves and are instead annoyed with Ed Woodward and Matt Judge’s shortcomings in terms of investment.

6-0 win isn't the main story of story of today. United's away end was – We want the Glazers out #GlazersOut #MUFC #LUHG

— The Peoples Person (@PeoplesPerson_) January 26, 2020


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has unsurprisingly called for unity much in a similar manner to which Sir Alex did during his own era.

Of course, for a manager it makes no sense to rock the boat and for a team already under pressure, it makes even less sense to make the atmosphere even more toxic.

However, for the fans, there are bigger things at hand and more important statements to make so it’s difficult to imagine the protests cooling off this time around, especially if Solskjaer is sacked.

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