Nicky Butt busts myth about David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho

Nicky Butt busts myth about David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho

Manchester United’s head of first-team development Nicky Butt has defended the likes of David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho in regards to their attitude towards the club.

All three managers failed to do the thing they were brought in to do in respect to winning the league but the latter two did have varying degrees of success.

Moyes lasted the least out of three and it’s incredibly difficult to see his tenure as anything but a failure, unfortunately.

Van Gaal successfully steadied the ship after the Scotsman and managed to win the FA Cup but his football was so boring fans were literally falling asleep at Old Trafford.

Mourinho was far from boring and managed to win two trophies in his first season while securing second place in his second season only to flip the table when things didn’t go his way next.

All three were accused by some sections of supporters for not fully grasping what it means to be at Manchester United and therefore not respecting it.

Mourinho’s tenure, in particular, became so toxic it was difficult to support him at all.

It’s nice to see Butt clear up the myth and protect these former managers as even if one were to think they failed, no good can come from still attacking them.

While football is on lockdown, try your hand at our quiz below that tests your knowledge about the times when Manchester United or its players have been banned, bombed or blocked from playing.

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