Astana 2-1 Man United: Matchday Thread


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While I don't think he's near the sack, it's undeniable the pressure is on results now.

Spurs and City in the space of 4 days. Two terrible results there and it could have a similar affect to what Moyes had when we got pumped by Liverpool and City at home in terms of the morale dropping to unrecoverable levels for a lot of fans.
So basically, either find a Fergie or keep changing managers until you're entertained?
Ridiculous comment. But giving the biggest job in world football to a guy with practically zero experience at a club that is in total disarray is a recipe for disaster. It has come to pass.
The minimum requirement you would expect of any club, let alone the biggest in the world, is that it gets the basics right and work from there.
There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to give Ole the job when they did. It was incredibly knee jerky and truth be told a tad embarrassing.

I would be a bit more optimistic if they would have backed him in the summer with some badly needed funds but they didnt. AWB was his lot and was told that any more spending would have to be generated by selling players. Our top striker had to be sold so's we could buy a defender??

Any experienced manager worth his salt simply wouldnt have allowed that kind of thing to happen. The board will know that. So its not hard to see their motive for giving Ole the job. He will literally put up and shut up. The result being we are paying the ultimate price when you look at performance levels and where we are in the league.

The tactics have generally been a mish mash of mind boggling and just plain suicide. There's a saying in life that goes..."Keep doing what youve been doing and youll keep getting what youve been getting".

Sadly its about the only thing the club are achieving these days. Its a results based business and we are struggling massively, and players and chief execs dont get sacked.


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You won't see a change until the Glazer's mentality changes. Shit rolls down-hill, and regardless of Ole being at the wheel or not, If they're not ponying up the cash to spend on players that we NEED, on coaches the we NEED, on academy players that we NEED, the club will stay where it is at on the table. Nothing anyone but Scroodge McDucks at the top can do right now, to stop this ship from going down.

Now assuming that the crown doesn't change, being passed on from manager to manager like a girl in Little Saint James island is not going to do anything substantial besides finishing in the top 5 maybe.
We have a good chance to win Europa in my opinion, that puts us in CL for next season, and if we can get another couple of key signings in the next couple of transfer windows, I think this time come next year we could be competing for CL top 8 realistically, and top 4 PL.

But put in a new manager in this mix, that probably has different vision than Ole, they would need to re-train these players to play into a new philosophy, that means a poor run of games again, a new set of injuries, inconsistent games, dressing room drama, and new calls for sacking.

I think the reason why Ole did so well last year after becoming caretaker was because he walked into a decently healthy team, many of them back from injury, and fresh. He played many of the same formations and save for a couple of games, much of the same football that Mou was playing. It's once he started bringing in his personal philosophy in training and play style that players began performing poor, and getting injured.
I'm not excusing him from his horrible substitutions, tactics, or ability to adapt. I believe he knows he needs to improve there. But he also had struggles getting a handle on the dressing room, with the likes of Lukaku, a bit of Pogba, etc getting irritiated with the overall state of the team.

We seem to be on the path to consistency here, Im eager to see what Ole is able to achieve, once the team manages consistency on the field, and what Ole does to tweak that team to perform better. It's been a fucking year. Give the man some time, we sit on our thumbs, and realize that we're not going anywhere any time soon, no matter who's choosing the line-ups.