Considering the Upturn in Form: Ole In?


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What are everyone's thoughts on Ole going forward, if he was able to secure one or both of: Top 4, or Europa League Champions?

For me, before this upturn in form, I was of the mindset that Poch was likely in the summer. And we wouldnt be getting top 4 or even Champions League next year.
But given Bruno's blazing start, he's single-handedly risen our players to another level, and we've been playing bloody well (minus that De Gea fuck up).

Does his amazing signing shine a light on Ole's vision for what kind of squad he wants to see? Maybe he deserves more than one season?
I'm still behind Ole and hope he gets the backing that the OT board keep telling us he'll get. There have been plenty of reports this season about Ole being tactically naive but given United's performances against the top 6 teams this season I think he's getting the shitty end of the stick.
I think most of our problems this season have been because of injuries to key players for long periods of time.
Bruno has been amazing in his first three matches and I want to see how he links play when we can field a full strength team. If we can add another couple of quality players this summer things could really be on the up.


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We're now lossless in 10 games. With almost as many clean sheets. I would definitely attribute it to the return of some injured players, plus the additions of Bruno and Ighalo. But Ole has been playing better tactically, and using his squad strength's to dictate the line ups.
We saw it with the back 5 when Shaw came back in from injury, and now he's playing a midfield diamond since he's got a good line up of midfielders, and a lack in forwards with Rashford and James out on injury.
I'd say his substitutes have been on point for the past 10 games as well.


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I’ve always been Ole in because the fast-transition, counter attacking style of play he wants to implement relies on good wingers and a quality no. 10. We finally have that 10 in Fernandes and surprise surprise, we’re getting results. I’m only going to be judging Ole now that he has that quality.

Ole has dealt with a squad made up of players from the last 3 managers, and he has been tasked with getting rid as well as getting in his own players. He still has a chance at FA Cup and Top 4/Europa to get into UCL, and honestly if he achieves that without Pogba for the whole season, and Rashford for a large part, he deserves another year.

We’ve also seen improvements to Fred, Rashford could finally become a 20 goal striker, Martial is scoring, McTominay was improving until he got injured, and he’s nurturing youth and bringing them through.

I understand he is inexperienced, and let’s be honest his win % is worse than Moyes and is sackable. However, taking into account the factors I’ve listed above we should give him at least another season. It’s been proven that sacking managers every couple of years has NOT worked.


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I'm 100% Ole in hes improved not just the squad tho buying players but the players already there for example Fred,
He had direction which I think weve lacked in previous years,
Hes sighned players in positions we need like RB, CB And attacking midfield.
Shows he has good tactical awareness especially in the city game.
Has a good relation with the players unlike mourinho and Van Gaal.
I'm confident with him this season well get top 5, next season top 3 and look to win it after that.

Just a reminder in klopp first season liverpool came 6th, This is Oles first season and hes looking to push in the leauge and win some silverware.