Covid 19


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Was going to put this in the lounge but as there's not much football going on and is the main talking point on everyone's lips, how are people getting on? Man Utd as a club has brought us all together as supporters, Covid 19 has brought us all together as a race. In my country, Ireland, the solidarity I feel as a nation to beat this virus has been overwhelming. The sense of togetherness in our fight has been overwhelming.
There is a lot of different nationalities on this forum and it's looking like we will all be affected in some way by this with the figures that are out there.
Hopefully, every nation will get on top of this soon and beat this deadly virus and we can get back to some bit of normality.
We would like to hear yere stories, what is it like? Let's get through this together. Let's beat this. Let's come together, but stay apart. #socialdistancing


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I've been working from home since the day after the LASK game. Here in South Florida there is some dumb people, so Im trying to protect myself from those careless people.
Company I work for is doing tons of good community outreach while this is all going on, and I feel like our community will become stronger after this is all over, because of it. Still im afraid that we haven't reached the worst of it yet. (at least here)
I live in Cornwall and I work as an Engineer Surveyor in support of our military services and as such I'm classed as a key worker and working as normal through this current crisis.

On the whole, people in my village are complying with our government guidelines with regards to social distancing and the amount of time that we should spend out of doors.

There are of course a few people who have a blatant disregard to the guidelines and it's these people who I fear will delay the amount of time that we will continue in lockdown.

We have lost 2 elderly people in our village to the virus but on the whole our village has a good mix of ages with a lot of children and young people under 40 so hopefully we'll pull through ok.

Stay safe everyone