Debate: Andreas Pereira - In or Out?

Does Andreas Pereira have a future at Man United?

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Lincoln Jack

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Hey guys! This thread is one of hopefully many that I'll be doing on the forum, of which is concerning the future of each Man United player. From Fred to Sir Phillip Jonesy, question marks reign over nearly each and every Man United player, even the youth that have been given a chance this season. This is my first one and, if you've guessed, I'm giving my verdict on Andreas Pereira.


He was always a player that I thought could really come good at United, ever since he scored that free kick against Ipswich in the League Cup. Skill, work rate he has the makings of a brilliant player. Sadly, as with Martial and Rashford, he seemed to suffer more than benefit from the dismissal of LVG, a world renown coach that knew how to turn potential into world class. I genuinely feel that we would be in a different place if we kept LVG on for a season or two. That's for another thread though.

For me, he should stay. Some may disagree, but this is where I stand. He's showed those glimpses of a game changing player this season whilst being played OUT of position. LM and RM he's played this season. I don't think Ole will stick with 4 2 3 1 for the rest of the season (God help him if he does), but in the event that he does and he somehow still has a job, he should play Pereira at CAM instead of Lingard or Mata. Of course, that leaves Pogba still underused and over-scrutinised in a double pivot, which is why Ole SHOULD switch to a 4 3 3 sooner or later on this season.

So lads, sound off below. Andreas Pereira: IN or OUT?
I've always been a huge Pereira fan and thought he just needed a run in the team to prove what he can do. But he's had that, and I'm disappointed with what he's produced so far.
I don't know if he's talented enough to make it as a no. 10. I actually think his best chance is to recreate himself as a right winger. He looked good there during his time at Valencia and could do a Beckham-type role there. It plays to his strengths, a mean crosser and free kick/corner taker, and as Beckham himself showed, you don't have to be pacy to be a good winger.


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I’m still confused with Pereira. He’s just been about flashing moments right now, has never had the consistency and to be fair that was how he played with the academy sides too.


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100%. We will never have a squad of +£100m players. AP has his uses and playing in the midfield is not as easy as people think. As Sam mentioned above, he needs consistency and I see him being a valuable squad player. He's in a danger of being a utility player though. He needs a play in a stable position like a Thiago role. Not a 10, but a slightly attack minded 8
I always liked Pereira and had a lot of faith in him turning good. Unfortunately we are not seeing as much progression as I would have expected. He can't receive all the blame for it thou as he has been played out of position on numerous occasions and has never had a decent run of games in the first team. He is clearly an out-and-out attacking midfielder and needs to be played their has much as possible if we are to see his potential come to fruition.

From what I have seen of him, I don;t think he will ever reach a world class level at his best position and for that reason alone, we should not be persisting with him for anything other than a squad player.

Ideally, if we play 4231, Pogba should be our pure 10, backed up by Mata and Pereira as squad players.

My verdict: OUT