Let’s talk about Mason Greenwood

Yeah I don't understand why he's being held back so much. He'd be better off on loan than bench warming. It's not like he hasn't scored when he has played. Maybe Ole sees something in training - maybe an attitude thing, or maybe he's carrying a knock. Just want to see the lad get a start.


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There must be a reason for it but from everything we've seen he is ready and we're crying out for a spark up front.


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Interesting stuff from Solskjaer yesterday that sheds light on why he's not given him more chances in the Prem ... it's due to inconsistency in training apparently. But how long can he hold the lad back when he scores every time he starts?
I was just going to mention this too. Ole said he also didnt want to put so much pressure on the lad so early on in his career, and I agree with him.

We all see how Rashford did under the same pressure to be the main goal threat while Tony was out of commission.


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We have to remember the kid has only just turned 18 and should be protected and nurtured. Obviously he has bags of potential and could well turn out to be a superstar but as Ole has alluded to, he could be a 2 year plan. No point in chucking him into a pressure cooker situation that is Utd's goal scoring situation at the moment and set him back in his development.
Spurs have a young 17 year old Irish striker in Troy Parrott who has as much potential as Greenwood and Poch has been very slow to promote him to the 1st team preferring to protect him by just having him train with first team and playing in cup games.
These managers see these players on a daily basis and see how they are maturing and developing and should be trusted to do what's best for them.


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What a finish from Mason. Super sub, the youngster had a positive influence in the Sheffield game. I don’t think he should start in the prem yet. As we saw with another young player, Williams got bossed physically yesterday against Sheffield. I think Ole is treating Mason right, but he could give him a few more minutes, half an hour here half an hour there and start him in Europa.