Man United History: In Photos and Videos

Tommy Doc's first game in charge at United. This video doesn't really do the crowd justice. Old Trafford was packed at 2 o'clock and teh noise was deafening. That was some December. We'd lost 0-5 at Palace the week before, Frank O'Farrell was gone, Doc came in, we drew with Leeds, lost away at Derby, then we went to see Bowie at the Hard Rock in Stretford on the 28th. All my Christmas money gone as well as my wages from my paper round but it was worth it. Here's the highlights from the league match and the bit they didn't show - the boy on the pitch. Anyone who was there will remember that.



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Class idea for a thread Albert. This still stands as one of my favourite United photos ever...

1968: The Bernabeu. Real Madrid, & a 3-3 draw has put Manchester United into the 1968 European cup final. Ten years from Munich, & for Bobby Charlton, the emotion proves overwhelming. Bobby would go on to score twice against Benfica. The phoenix had truly risen from the flames.


October 3rd, 1981. Robbo signs for United before the home game against Wolves. We won 5-0 with Robbo watching on. He opened his account against Sunderland a few weeks later.


George Best, flanked by Bobby Charlton and Tony Dunne, leaves the pitch at Stamford Bridge after being sent off in August 1971, United won 3-2.


How it was. A United fan escorted from Anfield with a dart stuck in his face.
The night that broke our hearts. European Cup semi-final, second leg against AC Milan. We'd lost 0-2 at the San Siro in a brutal game that saw John Fitzpatrick sent off as the Italians used their infamous 'dark arts' to upset us. But don't take my word for it, read Denis Law's autobiography, 'The King' for the full SP.

A Bobby Charlton rocket was our only allowed goal of the night. Cudicini, the Milan goalkeeper, was on top form and was knocked out by a missile thrown from the Stretford End as the supporters showed their anger at the tactics and the awful refereeing.


Law's shot crosses the line but the Milan defender recovered to kick it away and the ref refused to award a goal. I was in the Stretty that night and will go to my grave convinced it was a goal.


Cudicini hit by something and laid out


Milan player and a ball boy pick up debris thrown from the Stretford End.

Here's the game. Italian commentary.



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Some really great memories here. Some i am familiar with and others not so. Just goes to show that our United education is always ongoing. :)
Here are two favourites of mine.
The pic is of George Best laughing at Man City's Mike Doyle after he panicked him into scoring an own goal during the second leg of the FA Youth Cup semi-final in 1964. Doyle hated United with a passion, so this was a sweet moment for Bestie and United.
The video is where i got my username from - Sublime George Best.

Another rare gem, this time from the 1972-73 season. Stoke away and United in yellow and blue. Game ended 2-2. The main game is Blackpool v Preston but the United highlights start at 44:20 on the video. I remember going to this game with my mate Graham from school. In the crowd shot of the away fans, I swear I can pick out my green combat jacket. Anyway, it was an end of season game, we weren't 100% safe but we still took thousands away. Trevor Anderson was playing and, on the following Wednesday, we went to Elland Road where we won 1-0 with Anderson heading the winner deep in the second half.

Here's our 'home' game with St. Etienne in the ECWC. The first leg at their place was mayhem. There was a bread strike in England and the locals started bombarding us with stale loaves as well as bottles. It all kicked off and we ended up being kicked out of the competition only to be reinstated with the proviso that we played the second leg at Home Park Plymouth. We won 2-0 and 3-1 on aggregate. Commentary is in French.

1979. Dave Sexton's boys rock up at White Hart Lane in the run-up to Christmas. Spurs fans chanting 'It's a long way to Seven Sisters' from the Park Lane which led to a memorable set-to as the Cockney Reds pulled off one of their famous cloak and dagger jobs. We won 2-1 and Hoddle got stick every time he touched the ball.

Derby County, champions in 1972, came to Old Trafford the following August. Brian Clough had said some very uncomplimentary things about us the previous week which led to a torrent of abuse from the United fans, as you can hear. Clough was still upset about the Storey-Moore transfer. We clobbered them 3-0 to shut him up with Storey-Moore scoring for us.


Sir Matt's last season in charge, really only half a season as he came in to replace Wilf McGuinness. Here is an 8-goal thriller against Palace from that era.


United's first home game of the 1971-72 season was against double-winners Arsenal. United won 3-1 and there was a spot of bother in the ground. It doesn't look like Old Trafford so where was the game played, and why? Answers on the back of a £50 note please.
My first ever away game at Leeds. Game ended 2-2 but watch George Best's second goal. I still remember getting herded into the Cowshed at Elland Road by the coppers who were none too gentle, even with young kids.