Match 10: Aston Villa (H), Premier League, 1st December: Results


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Entries now closed.

Please submit your predictions as follows:

(1) Predict the score, United vs Aston Villa (e.g. 1-0, 2-2, 1-2)

(2) Fantasy Three

(2a) Choose your three fantasy players (the players on the United side you believe will win most fantasy football points for this game):

(2b) Choose a backup selection in case any of the above 3 do not take part in the game at all:

(3) Match Special Prediction

Predict a United goalscorer for the Villa game.

If you correctly choose Rashford or Martial you will score + 5 pts for each goal he scores

If you correctly choose James you will score + 7 pts for each goal he scores

If you correctly choose Fred or Pereira you will score + 9 pts for each goal he scores

If you correctly choose any other player, or own goal by Villa, you will score + 11 pts for each goal he scores

If you correctly choose NO GOALSCORER you will score + 11 pts if United do not score a goal.

(Note: the goalscorer prediction can also be one of your fantasy three, but does not have to be.)

Here is an example of how your post would look:

(1) 2-2
(2a) Rashford, James, Maguire
(2b) Fred
(3) Rashford

Cutoff time for entries: 3:30pm GMT Sunday or when team is announced if sooner.

Good luck!
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Another disappointing result and a bizarre decision to award Rashford's goal as an own goal means a low scoring round on the predictions this time. Everyone scored between 7 and 9 points leaving the overall leaderboard and the single week leaderboard unchanged.

Note that due to the fact that most people always choose Rashford, Martial and James as their fantasy 3, I'm changing the rules for that part from the next game on. In choosing your fantasy 3, you'll be required to choose 1 defender/keeper, 1 midfielder and 1 forward. More on that in the rules thread and in the Spurs game thread, when published.

Here are the scores for the Villa game:

1= Dinesh Murugaiah
1= Zack2108
1= Cal
1= Stevie Gs Red Card
1= KP1980
1= Sam
1= gio_m123
1= Marwan
9. KtNextGen
10= Rebelred
10= Aarondavidmitch
10= Danny
10= Stevan Campbell