Match 33 - Derby County (A), FA Cup, March 5th: Results


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*** This match now CLOSED, see my results post below ***

Enter your predictions below as follows:

(1) Predict the score AFTER 90 MINUTES, Derby vs Man United (e.g. 1-0, 2-2, 1-2)

(2) Fantasy Three (clean sheets count for 90 minutes, appearances, goals and assists count for extra time (but not pens)

(2a) Choose your three fantasy players (the players on the United side you believe will win most fantasy football points for this game):
*** NOTE *** -- Your fantasy 3 must comprise 1 defender or keeper, 1 midfielder and 1 forward, according to the following:
Defenders/keepers: De Gea, Romero, Grant, Kovar, Wan Bissaka, Williams, Maguire, Lindelof, Jones, Rojo, Shaw, Tuanzebe, Bailly, Dalot, Laird, Bernard, Taylor, Mengi.
Midfielders: Fernandes, Pogba, McTominay, Fred, Pereira, Mata, Matic, Garner, Levitt, Lingard, Chong, Gomes, Galbraith, Puigmal
Forwards: Ighalo, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, James, Mellor, Ramazani

(2b) Choose a backup selection in case any of the above 3 do not take part in the game at all (they MUST be in the same category as the player who isn't selected, e.g. if you choose DDG, Pogba and Rashford with a sub of Martial and Pogba doesn't play, you will only score points for DDG and Rashford).

(3) Match Special Prediction
Predict each of the following five things. You get 5 pts for each correct answer. If you get all 5 right, you get 20 bonus points.
(3a) Who'll start at right back (or RWB) - Wan-Bissaka /Dalot / Neither
(3b) Who'll start at left back (or LWB) - Shaw / Williams / Neither
(3c) How will Wayne Rooney do against his old club? - Scores / Plays doesn't score / Doesn't play
(3d) How many goals will Odion Ighalo score? - None / One / More than one
(3e) Which of these will play a part? Gomes / Chong / Both / Neither

Here is an example of how your post would look:

(1) 2-2
(2a) Maguire, Fred, Ighalo
(2b) Martial
(3a) Wan-Bissaka
(3b) Williams
(3c) Plays doesn't score
(3d) More than one
(3e) Gomes

Cutoff time for entries:6.45pm GMT Thursday, or when team is announced, if sooner.

You can edit your entry until the teams are announced. For the full rules of the game, see the Rules and Prizes thread.

Good luck!
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1. 1-3 United
2a. Dalot, Mata, Greenwood
2b. Ighalo
3a. Dalot
3b. Williams
3c. Score
3d. Once
3e. Chong
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Lads I've just been asked to clarify what happens if there is extra time and/or penalty shootout. Sorry I thought 5th round still went to replay :cry:

For (1) The score you're predicting is AFTER 90 MINUTES.
For (2) Clean sheets count after 90 minutes but appearances, goals and assists count for extra time (but not penalty shootout). So if it's 0-0 at full time then Maguire scores in extra time, then it goes to penalties and he scores again, you'd get 2 points for him playing more than 60 minutes plus 4 bonus points for him keeping a clean sheet plus 5 points for him scoring but no points for his pen.
For (3c) Extra time is included in plays some part and scores, but not shoot-out.
For (3d) Extra time is counted but not shoot-out.
For (3e) Extra time is included.

Note that a fourth sub is allowed in extra time of these games which might affect your decision on this.

Those of you who already posted, you are welcome to edit your posts up to an hour before the game if you'd understood differently.


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1) United 3-0 Derby
2a)Romero, Ighalo , Mata
3a) Dalot
3b) Williams
3c)Plays doesn't score


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1) 0-4(to united)
2a) Maguire, Fernandes, Ighalo
2b) Mc Tominay
3a) Dalot
3b) Williams
3c) Plays doesn’t score
3d) More than one
3e) Both


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Despite everyone congratulating Dinesh on another great set of predictions it was actually SEB who won this game with 52 points to Dinesh's 51. There was a total possible of 69 so 75% on single week score.

Dinesh has now increased his lead in the overall competition to 51 points. Who is going to stop him?

The fantasy scores are as follows (some contention over scorers and assisters - Shaw wasn't given the assist for Ighalo goal but as things stand he does get his own goal. Bruno therefore gets the assist on that one.

Ighalo 10
Shaw 8 pts
Romero, Dalot, Lindelof, fernandes, Mata 6 pts
Bailly, 5 pts
Lingard, Fred, Mctominay 3 pts
Pereira, Martial 1 pt
Williams 0 pts

Here are the predictions results:

1. SEB
2. Dinesh Murugaiah
3. KP1980
4. Aarondavidmitch
5= Cal
5= andreascalleja
7. Rebelred
8= Stevie Gs Red Card
8= KtNextGen
10. Zack2108