Match 35 - LASK (A), Europa League, March 12th - Results


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Entries are now open for United's first leg Round of 16 game in Austria on Thursday.

Enter your predictions below as follows:

(1) Predict the score, LASK vs. Man United (e.g. 1-0, 2-2, 1-2)

(2) Fantasy Three

(2a) Choose your three fantasy players (the players on the United side you believe will win most fantasy football points for this game):
*** NOTE *** -- Your fantasy 3 must comprise 1 defender or keeper, 1 midfielder and 1 forward, according to the following:
Defenders/keepers: De Gea, Romero, Grant, Kovar, Wan Bissaka, Williams, Maguire, Lindelof, Jones, Rojo, Shaw, Tuanzebe, Bailly, Dalot, Laird, Bernard, Taylor, Mengi.
Midfielders: Fernandes, Pogba, McTominay, Fred, Pereira, Mata, Matic, Garner, Levitt, Lingard, Chong, Gomes, Galbraith, Puigmal
Forwards: Ighalo, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, James, Mellor, Ramazani

(2b) Choose a backup selection in case any of the above 3 do not take part in the game at all (they MUST be in the same category as the player who isn't selected, e.g. if you choose DDG, Pogba and Rashford with a sub of Martial and Pogba doesn't play, you will only score points for DDG and Rashford).

(3) Match Special Prediction - Which will be higher?
For each of the following, predict which number will be higher. You get 5 points for each correct answer and 25 bonus points if you get them all (not counted in percentage or max for Single Week Score). Note that if the numbers are equal, you get the points.

Which will be higher ...
3a) Number of goals scored by Ighalo or number of yellow cards for United defenders*?
3b) Number of United shots on target or number of United corners?
3c) Minutes played by Mata or United’s percentage of possession?
3d) Total of United scorers’ shirt numbers** or minute of United’s first goal?
3e) Number of changes to starting XI from Sunday or number of academy graduates in starting XI?

* Players playing in a back 4 position, or if playing 3 at the back, players playing in a centre back or wing back position.
** Note if a player scores more than once, his shirt number will be counted again for each goal he scores.

Here is an example of how your post would look:

(1) 2-2
(2a) Maguire, Fred, Ighalo
(2b) Martial
(3a) Ighalo
(3b) Corners
(3c) Possession
(3d) Shirt numbers
(3e) Graduates

Cutoff time for entries:4.55pm GMT thursday, or when team is announced, if sooner.

You can edit your entry until the teams are announced. For the full rules of the game, see the Rules and Prizes thread.

Good luck!


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1) 4-0 United
2a) William's, Fernandes, Ighalo
2b) Mctominay
3a) Cards
3b) Shots
3c) Mata
3d) Shirt number
3e) Changes
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1. 0-1 United
2a. Romero, Mata, Greenwood
2b. Ighalo
3a. Cards
3b. Corners
3c. Mata
3d. 1st Goal Time
3e. Changes
1. LASK 1 - 2 United
2a. Romero, Fred, Ighalo
2b. Fernandes
3a. Yellow cards
3b. No. Of shots
3c. Minutes by Mata
3d. Shirt numbers
3e. Changes

Betty - props to you for such a unique prediction thread 🙌🏼


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1. LASK 0 - 4 United
2a. Shaw, Fernandes, Ighalo
2b. Martial
3a. Yellow cards
3b. No. Of shots
3c. Minutes by Mata
3d. Shirt numbers
3e. Changes


Reserves Regular
1. 3-0 United
2a. Williams, Fernandes, Ighalo
2b. Greenwood
3a. Goals scored by Ighalo
3b. Number of United shots on target
3c. Minutes played by Mata
3d. Total of shirt numbers
3e. Number of changes to starting XI


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Well I think I made Q3 too easy this week and lots of you got all 5 right and scored 50 on that question alone. Dinesh was one of you though so he's still in the lead and has broken the 1000 point barrier. Shows how easily it could all turn though!

Congrats to this match's winner KTNxtGen who scored 79 points. The single week score % was 83, if you'd have got the score spot on you'd have got 100% and would be walking away with that 2020/21 kit .... so close.

Who knows when the next match will be played so I will post up when we know more.

In the meantime, here's this week's fantasy scores:
Ighalo, Fred 9
James, Mata 8
Bailly, Maguire, Romero, Williams, Fernandes, Pereira 6
Shaw, greenwood 5
Chong 4
McSauce 3

And here's this week's predictions results in full:

1. KtNextGen
2= Dinesh Murugaiah
2= SEB
4= Zack2108
4= andreascalleja
4= gio_m123
7. KP1980
8. Stevie Gs Red Card
9. Aarondavidmitch
10. Cal