Olé says January signings unlikely - your thoughts?


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It makes absolute sense Liz. You only have to look at last summer to see the clubs direction on this. A massive cost cutting exercise ensued.
Ole told that if he wants Maguire then Lukaku has to be sold to fund it. Out goes Herrera. Felliani. Darmian. Smalling. Sanchez. None of them replaced. A wealth of experience cast off into oblivion. Where they world beaters? Absolutely not. But its a case of the club accepting that City and the Dirties are streets ahead and that its a cause financially not worth chasing. So the club have cut their cloth to suit.

With its only star player in Pogba leaving the club are more than aware that getting star quality in is impossible. Quality may want to join us if Topnotchetino comes in but its still a long shot. Letting the likes of Pogba, Herrera, Sanchez, Lukaku go is not sending the right message out to players who we need to attract. Sancho, Fernandez, Dybala were simply not interested. When Pogba is gone its going to be even harder.

You have to ask yourself. Which quality player is going to leave champions league football behind to come to United??
So January is a red herring for me.


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Pogba out January I think. I'm praying for Halaand to be signed though. I'm super excited for red bulls game with Liverpool on Thursday. They have the capability to kick Liverpool out of the champions league
Yeah I don’t think we’re getting anyone in Jan, hope I’m wrong though. If anything, Pogba goes maybe. But will that money be reinvested?? Probably not.
There's more chance of us overhauling Liverpool than there is the Glazers reinvesting any Pogba money. It should have dawned on people by now that United operate in a state of perpetual debt and that we are a business whose primary goal is not trophies but dividends. The Pogba money would represent a massive windfall for the owners who won't want to piss it away on players or ground improvements. The focus now is bringing through our own talent. I don't have a problem with that but even Matt Busby at his height was unable to keep a conveyor belt of top talent flowing through the ranks.