The Manchester United FanBase Needs More Respect - Let's Talk About It


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For the biggest club in the world , most fans strongly feel the club management at Manchester United does not get up to scratch.
Without doubt , the club has been having a lot of issues - internal and on the market ;
And for the average club supporter , he/she would quickly go on and wonder how well the management understands the number of people they lead-on , address & have to impress week in/week out in the press conferences , in the transfer market ,& on the pitch .
Not forgetting , obviously , defending the badge!

FACT: Manchester United is represented around the whole world -probably more than most companies and brands (if not all) you'll ever think of.
It has a recorded high of 659 MILLION fans in the world , which IN FACT , could easily be more and could reach a BILLION.
For all , United fans together match the population of people in China or Africa at the moment.

And that's massive.

All that adds up to the conclusion that , one of the hottest seats there must be is taking a Manchester Managerial Role , or even the background Management Post ;
Because , with all the history the club has made , any performance below par must be unacceptable and should be addressed & explained accordingly.
We totally deserve more respect from the players on the pitch through good performances week in / week out ; and their quality must be never be undoubted.
All the players and staff must take all the criticism and stick for any poor performance and/or poor tactics.

Comments , Additions , Subtractions and Corrections are most welcome.
Let's Talk about it


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It always astonishes me to see the support the club has worldwide. Even here in the States, there are supporters clubs everywhere. Then you see anywhere United go on pre-season there is amazing support. What has gone on since SAF left is heartbreaking. We have lost our football identity. I dont see any difference in the way Ole plays than Mourinho or LVG. We are playing Anti-United football and that is what fans hate the most. At least if we saw attacking football with a plan and lost some games we could recognize what is trying to be done, but as it is, it is soul-destroying.


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I am talking about this subject a lot lately.The fact that the owners closed every door and have absolutely no contact with the fans says it all really.They don't understand United,they don't understand the family feeling around this club.It's like when you take away a kids favirite toy.His crying and crying,but you don't give a sh.t,you have the power over your kid and you are not interested in his feelings.This is exactly what the Glazers are:heartless people with no love or any sentiments for this great club.Not interested in it's history,heritage.All they care for is money and more money.Scary really because we are seeing already how this attitude slowly but surely leads to the downfall of this once great club.
We can change managers,we can point our fingers at Jose,we can say SAF didn't left a good team behind when he left,we can search for random reasons,but the fact is:The Glazers and Woodward are destroying this club and if this doesn't change soon we're going to see a damage beyond repair.If it's not too late already...