Thoughts on Glazers Out Movement


Academy Newbie
I don't buy the narrative "As long as they continue making profits, they are going nowhere..." Fans are really underestimating the power they possess. Why do the fans assume this then? Well, this statement comes from initial Glazers Out protests especially in 2005 and 2010. How could it work back then? When we had Fergie, the man responsible for them taking over in the first place, the greatest manager of all time. A man who would tell fans that Becks, Stam, Ruud Van N, Roy Keane, etc, are not good enough. Sells them and no one even dared question his judgment, including the players. Imagine what the post-Fergie managers would give for such power, hahaha. Well, Jose tried with Rashford and Pogba, hahaha it turned out great. Back then Fergie was everything, he promised fans all would be OK and bought the Glazers time as a result.
Back then too, there was no social media or wasn't quite a powerful tool as is now. Social media can make or break you and the Glazers are part of the "you." It has brought fans together and informed them. These days you can ask any #MUFC followers anywhere in the world why they need Glazers Out. And you will be bombarded by massive valid points that I wasn't even aware of in 2005 for example. Back then I just needed to watch Rooney and Giggsy and everything would be OK, I couldn't be perturbed by the politics at the club. Ignorance of the highest order by meek me back then, gosh!
RvP is on record saying once Fergie left, the club suddenly started using social media. Something that Fergie was strongly against. Remember the fights back in 2010 he had with Rio on his use of Twitter, haha. Now the followers are part of the "customers" Ed brags about. So don't give me such lazy statements like "Dude, #GlazersOut posts on Twitter and the rest won't do nothing..." or "Mate, you think the Glazers care about the social media anti-glazer movements?" Such questions or statements (am sure you have all had your fair share) make me want to spank the Ed out of such doubting Thomas(s). So go ahead keyboard warrior, keep Tweeting, keep posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and any channel as long as they get the message loud and clear.
If you've been following the GlazersOut movement on Twitter, you must know something about #FiveKeyQuestions and how they were never answered. By the way, it's a good thing. By doing that they gave even the most gullible #MUFC fans the strength to push for the changes we want. I wouldn't wish to be Ed or the Glazers, whatever they do certainly plays into the fans' hands. Ignore us the revolt grows bigger.
The only part of the revolt that remains is one (of whatever form) by the match-going fans. Plans of the Scousers game march are welcome. #StormtheBox if done well will certainly send out a clear message, that enough is enough! Their time is up. So keep up the good fight, in time match going fans will give us something special, and that will be the final nail in the coffin. Anyway, so far so good, $MANU is tumbling, Chevrolet won't renew their sponsorship due to a decline in pitch performances. Never has it been a better time to be a #MUFC fan. I am so proud, only regret is that I can't buy any new merchandise. Enjoy the time as we are writing history.