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Why has the forum been started?

The Peoples Person has been going since 2011 ever since I wrote my History dissertation at university on The Munich Air Disaster and the social impact it had on both Manchester and England (you can read it here if you are interested).

Since then, it's grown organically into my full time job and career and then in April 2015, I decided to start United Peoples TV. The community has grown to over 140,000 subscribers since then and from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and the website, there are communities spread everywhere. What I wanted to do was give a place where the community could come together as one and have a place to chat together.

What is the forum structure?

The forum has been split into separate sections in order to make it easier to navigate to the threads you want. The structure is as following:

First Team: General discussion about Man United.

Glazers Out Movement: All talk about the Glazers Out movement including discussions about the Glazers and Ed Woodward.

The Red Lounge: General discussion about anything else.

Reserve and Youth Teams: Discussion about United's U23s, U18s and other academy talk.

Women's Team: Discussion about United's women's side.

What are the rules?

The rules are very simple. Breaking any of them will lead to a temporary ban, breaking them again will lead to a permanent IP ban.
  • No racism
  • No violent content
  • No verbal abuse or bullying

Really looking forward to the start of the forum and having a place we can all talk together about United.
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