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Szczesny: We’re sorry

by Sam Peoples

Now I am not normally the one to make jibes at a team but I couldn’t resist on this occasion. Sczczesny has come out in the media and apologised to Arsenal fans for their collapse at the end of the season which saw them crash out of the FA Cup, the Champions League and the Premier League in the space of a month. It instantly reminded me of a South Park parody after BP cocked up and caused the biggest natural disaster ever in USA


I think Szczesny must of watched the episode and felt the need to come out and apologise after the antics of Arsenal. He also cited that Arsenal were ‘more hungry for trophies next season because of how close they got’ but it is a 7 year old argument that has seen more deja vu than Groundhog Day. Maybe next season will be the year that it all changes but I doubt it…

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