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A tribute to Michael Carrick

by Sam Peoples

Carrick has cemented himself as regular in the starting IX

After Michael Carrick signed a new long-term deal at United this year, some fans were left in disdain as they felt that his performances did not warrant such a deal. I am here to show them otherwise. The foremost thing to consider is that since Michael Carrick was bought in 2006, United have had one of their most successful periods in history. With 3 Champions League finals in the past 4 years and 4 Premier League titles, the statistics speak for themselves. He has come into the team and helped endlessly in the effort of silverware and nobody can question his commitment. In the early part of the season he wasn’t playing his best football but he has come into his own recently and looks essential if we are going to have any chance of breaking down Barcelona in the midfield in the Champions League final.

Carrick is the hub of the team in the middle of the park and his role of possession play is sometimes overshadowed by goals that are scored but more often than not, Carrick’s ability to disrupt the opposition and keep possession is second to none. Since he has signed a long term deal we have seen the sort of form from Michael that we saw in 2008. He is composed, has a touch of class and sometimes comes up with goals as well. If you want a successful football team then you need players who are going to score goals for you and players who are going to stop goals for you, which is where Carrick slots in nicely for United. All in all, Carrick is undoubtedly one of the most important midfield players in our squad for building a team, so let’s not forget that!


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