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Giggs named in injunction furore

by Sam Peoples

The 'censored' picture of Ryan Giggs appeared on the front page of the Sunday Herald in Scotland on Sunday

After the Sunday Herald in Scotland posted the above front page this weekend, it was not long before Giggs had his name all over the papers in regards to this injunction that is gaining all the headlines. Ryan Giggs has now been formally named by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming as the footballer who took out an injunction against Imogen Thomas. Using his Parliamentary powers to speak out in the House of Commons, John Hemmings believed that it was in the ‘best interest’ of the people that Ryan be named:

“Mr Speaker, with about 75,000 people having named Ryan Giggs it is obviously impracticable to imprison them all.”

This story becomes another professional footballer who is named in the press after allegations against Wayne Rooney and John Terry led to long standing abuse toward both of the players. This situation, however, is completely different. The completely untarnished image of Ryan Giggs has now been thrown to the wolves thanks to the outburst of this MP in Parliament. Since the identity has been published despite the injunction still being in place, news and information regarding the story will come over the next week as we learn more about the story. Rumours suggest that Imogen Thomas was attempting to blackmail Ryan Giggs into a pay-off but who knows what the real story is.

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