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A few words and pictures from the Parade

by Sam Peoples

CHAMP19NS of England

The hangover of Saturday got swept away today as a tide of red moved across the city of Manchester to join in the parade for the Premier League trophy. For the first time since 1999, United had an open-top bus move through the streets as fans poured out to celebrate the Premier League victory with the team, despite the terrible weather and the early parade on this Bank Holiday Monday. MUTV managed to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson and asked him what today meant to him and the team:

“Today brings back fantastic memories. This is what Manchester United is about. It is such a horrible day but they are all here and the loyalty of the fans is always important to us. 90% of our fans are more than happy with the 19th title rather than looking at the loss on Saturday”.

The bus drives through Old Trafford

Too bloody right SAF. Anybody who even dares drop a complaint about Saturday is ignorant. United secured a record 19th Premier League title this year and became the most successful team in English League history, not a record to be sniffed at. Also, Barcelona are on a completely different level to the rest of the footballing world and United put up a great fight but just came up short. There was nothing else we could of done, there was no formation that could have been better, there was no player that could of played and changed the game. We set out with our strongest team that swept Chelsea aside 3 times but we weren’t good enough for Barcelona. Moving forward, SAF did raise a good point as he continued to answer questions about the challenge of stopping Barcelona:

“You have to understand the mechanics of the industry. In Spain, they can coach their kids all day whereas in England, we are only allowed 1hr 30mins. We hope to have more time in the future to teach kids the technical abilities but what we face now is a wonderful challenge and it is a challenge we should always accept.”

As I said previously, Barcelona’s greatest strength comes from how they have all learned the game playing together, which has in turn made passing second nature to breathing for them. It is not something that can be created by simply purchasing players. With Morrison, Pogba and Tunnicliffe just 3 of the examples of what United have to bring in from the youth, the future is definitely looking bright for United.

Owen and Rooney are enjoying themselves in the celebrations

MUTV also managed to catch up with Wayne Rooney and asked him what he felt his highlight of the season was:

“The highlight of the season for me was winning the title itself. When you finally get your hands on the trophy it is a great feeling.”

Out of all of the United players, Wayne has probably had the most topsy turvy time this season, albeit self-inflicted. The contract saga caused a great rift between Wayne and the fans that I thought would prove to be impossible to repair but he has since presented himself more professional than ever. The passion that exploded as he scored against Barcelona proved to everyone that he still has the desire to play and win for United. Unlike last season where Rooney dwindled out to a disappointing end to the season thanks to an injury, he has ended the season on a massive high and re-found the form that makes him one of the top players in the world. Next season can’t come quickly enough for Wayne.

The season is now officially over and it has been a great one. As Giggs put it to MUTV, if you told any United fan 20 years ago that we would be celebrating our 19th title today they would have laughed in your face and it is a stark reminder of how insignificant Saturday was. Sure, it would of been fantastic to make it 2 out of 2 European Cups at Wembley but it just wasn’t to be. With reports emerging this morning that SAF wants to continue for another 3 years and the team spirit looking as great as ever despite Saturday, United are in a fantastic position going into the off-season. The North American tour, which will end with a game against Barcelona in Washington on July 30, should recharge the batteries and bring the team back to England for the 20th Premier League season ready to fight once again.

Have a look below for some other pictures from the parade.

Don't drop it Evra! Patrice nearly pulls off a 'Sergio Ramos'. Photo: AP Photo

Nani leads the celebrations from atop the bus

Throngs of fans turned out to celebrate the parade at Old Trafford

The team celebrates with the fans as it parades through the streets. Photo: AP Photo

Even the motorways are United supporters

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