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Whiteside: City are still years behind United

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United legend Norman Whiteside, who clocked up over 200 appearances for United during the 1980s, spoke to the Weekend Sports Breakfast show recently and shed his opinion on the position of City in respect to their bigger rivals United:

“They’re light years away. It’s always good having them in the same league because for a few years they were in the lower divisions. Now they’re actually trying to compete – it’s great for the city.”

Trying to be as objective as a United player could, he has voiced the general consensus. City won their first cup in 35 years last season in the FA Cup but United secured their 19th Premier League title and got to their 3rd Champions League final in 4 years in the same campaign, a far stretch from two teams who City believe are not far away from each other. He also went on to compliment SAF in his summer transfer movement, highlighting how he is keeping with the United way and building the team for the future:

“They both played very well for England Under-21s, so he’s not just looking for next season he’s building for the future. I can see another few players coming in as well and trying to safeguard the Premier League for next year, they’ll be going for number 20.”

Take a listen to the full interview, which is available here.

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