Owen Hargreaves..sign him up!

Owen Hargreaves..sign him up!

His most inspirational moment in a United shirt - the winning free kick against Arsenal at Old Trafford.

Owen Hargreaves has chosen to upload daily fitness videos on his Youtube account in an attempt to show that he has the necessary fitness levels in order for a team to snap him up on a free. I really hope for his sake that he manages to get a decent team interested in signing him up as at the top of his game, his dogged yet graceful midfield role can slot into almost any team in Europe. When United bought him after Euro 2008, I thought we had made an absolutely fantastic purchase but injuries thwarted his chances of making a name for himself. It wasn’t as if SAF didn’t give him a chance to recover but going off injured only 5 minutes into his return game was probably the last straw. Hargreaves will be wanting to let bygones be bygones and his pro-active uploading of training videos can only do himself some good. Take a look at some here and the link for his Youtube account is here.




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