Sir Bobby Charlton on Duncan Edwards plaque, transfers and the renaming of Eastlands – SSN

Sir Bobby Charlton on Duncan Edwards plaque, transfers and the renaming of Eastlands – SSN

A plaque has today been unveiled in Manchester on the side of the building where Duncan Edwards, an unfortunate victim of the Munich Air Disaster once lived, following a campaign from a local school in Manchester.

“He was the best player I ever played with and the best player I ever saw. He could play in any position with his left foot or right foot.”

Sir Bobby spoke to Sky Sports News today about the transfer speculation at Old Trafford, talking about Samir Nasri in particular:

“He’s a nice player but I leave all that negotiations to the powers that be here. If he is a good player and he wants to come to play for us then he’ll have to realise that there is something you have to remember here – there is a history at this club.”

He also had a few words to say about the renaming of football grounds and his take on whether he ever thought that Manchester United might choose to change the name of Old Trafford:

“No. I can’t see it happening with us. That’s their business and not ours to tell them what to do. When teams in the lower divisions are short of cash then fair do’s but when a big club does it to generate cash, then it is up to them. It is not our policy to change the name, it is too important.”

For the full interviews, hop on over to Tricia‘s blog Roy Keane’s Gum where she has so kindly uploaded the videos here and here. Efficiency personified.

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