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Tour 2011: SAF first press conference – “I think Nasri will go elsewhere”

by Sam Peoples

At 9.30pm GMT, SAF gave his first press conference of the US tour and, for me at least, it was an eagerly anticipated one. All of the transfer speculation and muppetry has driven United fans wild with rumours and possibilities and the only person we knew we could consider ‘In the Know’ is the boss himself. To be fair, we couldn’t expect much (if any) information regarding any transfer movement because the priority lies in gaining a successful and productive tour but I am just glad I am seeing SAF back behind the microphone speaking once again, the summer is nearly over! SAF did have a few words to say on the future of Samir Nasri, the repalcement of Paul Scholes and how the squad is shaping up ahead of the tour. The answers come courtesy of Nick Coppack who is updating a rolling Boston blog here on the official Manchester United website.


Sir Alex on the up and coming fixture against New England Revolution

“It’s our first game and it doesn’t seem so long ago we were fighting out for the European Cup final. The players are well rested. Obviously our preparation isn’t 100% – we only started medical testing on the 4 July. We’re maybe a little bit short but we have a good squad with us and we respect the Revolution and the job Steve Nicol has done.”

“It’s difficult for us to play friendly games because of the expectation on us. Even if we lose a friendly there’s criticism, from the press, our own fans, our own staff. We can’t go into any game not wanting to win. That will be the case against the Revolution.”

Sir Alex spoke a few words about how United can possibly replace Scholes

“How do you replace somebody like Paul Scholes? It’s very difficult. If you bracket four of the best midfield players in the world he’d be alongside Xavi and Iniesta and then you take your pick. In my mind he’s one of the top four players in the world. How will we overcome it? Maybe the next few weeks will help us overcome it. Maybe somebody will emerge out of the youth team or one of the young players emerge, and then we carry on.”

Sir Alex did answer a question on the speculative future of Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri

“Nasri, no. I don’t think he’s coming to United. I think he’s agreed to go somewhere else. Maybe he has to stay at Arsenal too. That’s a possibility.”

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