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AJ Soares: I had the urge to cheer Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

New England Revolution star AJ Soares had nothing but nice words to say about his experience of playing United

After playing Manchester United in their first pre-season tour match, New England Revolution play AJ Soares has written a piece on his experiences and had nothing but kind words to say about the game:

Hello. I am sitting in my rat-ridden studio looking at the Manchester United jersey I traded for after last night’s game at Gillette Stadium. The red top is perfectly tailored for a footballer and the velvet feel of the name and numbers on the back speaks class. I swapped shirts with Dimitar Berbatov, co-winner of the Golden Boot in last year’s English Premier League. Surely he does not care much for the Soares jersey, but at least I went one on one against him and did not look stupid.

I previously mentioned my two perspectives going into the game, and the game blew away my expectations. As a fan, I knew that I would be excited to see the superstars enter the field for warm-ups and I had to fight the urge to cheer when they finally arrived. Seeing Ryan Giggs, Michael Owen, and Wayne Rooney among the others was unbelievable. The way that they play and entertain all in the stadium affirms why they are paid the way they are, and why Old Trafford sells out on a regular basis. The club has an aura that shadows everything around. The amount of superstar players would compare to Ocean’s Eleven times three.

Original article: Boston News

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