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Will a great talent unravel before it blossoms?

by Sam Peoples

When Morrison was inexplicably removed from the opening reserves game against Shrewsbury, eyebrows were raised; when Morrison’s name was vacant from the next reserves game against Fleetwood, concerns were rife. Now, serial badman Ravel Morrison has again hit the headlines for completely the wrong reasons after he was interviewed in relation to new allegations surrounding harassment (to see the article, click here). These questions follow on from 2 domestic abuse cases against his girlfriend that were dropped because of lack of evidence and a case of assault against his own mother.

It seems like Morrison is doing his utmost to block his own career in any way possible; could United be flogging a dead horse here? He is already on a 12-month referral order that will instantly lead to a prison sentence if broken yet he continues to waltz around like Don Corleone, seemingly feeling invincible in the face of constant adversity. If it wasn’t for his prodigious talent then SAF would have kicked him so far out of the door of Old Trafford already, we would have probably forgotten his name already but I can’t help but think that his potential can only keep him around for a bit longer. Time and time again, SAF has been extremely patient with the lad and given him ample opportunities to right himself and for all the progress we thought we saw during United’s successful FA Youth Cup campaign last season from Morrison, it just seems to be a constant cycle of going back to square one every time something positive happens.

For me, his time is close to being up at Old Trafford. As soon as he sits down behind iron bars we all know that his future at United is dead in the water but what Morrison still has is time; it sounds so easy to say it from a fans point of view that ‘all he has to do is knuckle down and work hard’ but if it was that easy, he would of done it already. If only United could hire Roy Keane to be his 24/7 Security man then we might have someone who could whip it into shape but it seems like all the hard work that is done at Carrington for him is not getting its just rewards. There is no doubt that this season could well see the end of the career of Morrison even before it began and considering he is touted as one of the hottest prospects to come out of the academy since the class of ’92, it would be a hard pill to swallow. I hope that he has an epiphany sooner rather than later so that we don’t have to deal with such a massive potential loss.

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