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VIDEO: Hernandez named Ambassador for the State of Jalisco, Mexico

by Sam Peoples

A Wixariki Indian gives a hand-crafted jaguar to Hernandez during the ceremony. Photo: Alejandro Acosta (Reuters)

I don’t think there has been a more genuine footballer in the recent history of the game than Javier Hernandez. From his praying prior to kick-off to his humble approach of diverting praise back onto his team-mates, Hernandez is quickly becoming one of the most revered characters in world football but it is not just his on-field antics that gain him such praise amongst fans and foes alike. Javier was moved to tears after becoming an Ambassador for the State of Jalisco in Mexico and for such a young man to have received such a meteoric rise to international superstar status whilst keeping his feet firmly on the ground is a testament to the genuine nature that Hernandez possesses:

I do love to say or tell people who are here who are my family, everyone here, also missed the others but I always carry in your heart. I want to apologise for possibly not being able to be 100% as a child, 100% as a brother, or nephew, or grandchild, or as a couple or as a godson, being possibly a bit selfish looking for my dreams fighting for my dreams, I can thank a lot because without them I would never have logged anything.


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