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Hargreaves shows his true colours

by Sam Peoples

In a shocking piece of transfer news, Owen Hargreaves is on the brink of signing for City after having a 3-hour medical at Bridgwater hospital today. Anyone who can say they saw that coming is a pathological liar. United stood by the ex-Bayern Munich midfielder for 3 solid years with no return whatsoever, having seen Hargreaves play only 2 times in the period due to his never-ending list of injuries. Apparently, Hargreaves offered to play for United for free but the club declined as SAF had become frustrated over the years that the faith he placed in the midfielder bore zero dividends. Unsurprising. More fans would have been confused if Hargreaves got offered a new deal than the inevitable termination that did happen but Hargreaves tarnished his reputation as a gentleman by today having a medical at City, ignoring all that United have done for him over the years trying to help get his career back on track.

He stated that he was ready to play football again and wow people with his return to fitness, so why on earth would he ever contemplate a move to City? It was well known that a host of English clubs such as West Brom, Tottenham and Leicester were all hot on the heels of Hargreaves where he could of got a lot of first team football under his belt but he has instead chosen to move to City, presumably to keep their bench suitably warm. If, by some unknown miracle, Hargreaves holds his fitness and is available for selection, then he will be too far down the pecking order at City to see anything other than the glories of the Carling Cup.

Don’t take this rant the wrong way. I am not bitter that City may well have gained another ex-Red but I am just baffled by his decision. He always seemed to be a genuine fellow so why on earth would he go and sign for our most hated rivals? He obviously holds no affection for the fans or the club who stopped him from going bankrupt over the past 3 years and is simply another mercenary ready to play for whoever can pay. City can have him: we all know that he will just get injured again at some point but it is a real shame because Hargreaves was always warmly treated by United fans and I never expected him to pull a Tevez.

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