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The Sun “apologises” to Tom Cleverley after sex article tosh

by Sam Peoples

The Sun is renowned for coming up with a load of bollocks in their articles but when they released an article in August saying that Tom Cleverley had begged 20-year old “stunner” Jade Dawson for sex in a hotel room, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Tom is dating Page 3 model Emily O’Hara who is absolutely gorgeous, so how the Sun justified publishing what was an obvious bucket of lies is beyond even the quaintest of individuals. The Sun obviously realised that the article was even out of their comfort zone as they took it down almost immediately, but not quick enough to stop throngs of United fans seeing it. If you didn’t manage to see the offending article, here it is, verbatim.

FOOTIE rising star Tom Cleverley begged a girl for sex after taking her to a B&B – despite dating a Page 3 beauty.

The Manchester United midfielder, 22, bombarded Jade Dawson, 20, with text messages pleading with her to spend the night after kissing her in a club.

Once she was in his room Tom – dating gorgeous Emily O’Hara, 23 – tried to impress the shop assistant by Googling himself to prove he was famous. Jade did stay the night but refused to have sex with Tom – who texted her the next day saying: “Ur loss.”

Jade said: “He got on top of me to try to have sex with me but I told him to get off. He even woke me at 5am for sex but I still said ‘No’.”
Jade from Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs, was out with pals at a Blackpool club when Tom went up to her without a word and kissed her.

Taken from the Sun website today

The Sun has today apologised to the Manchester United and England midfielder for “any embarrassment caused” to Tom for the mix-up because Jade accidentally confused the likely lad with Tom. It just goes to show how desperate the Sun are to get under the skin of anybody if they consider the word of a probably drunk 20-year old as a reliable source. It is not often that the Sun admits their mistakes and pulls out an apology, so in that respect they have regained some sort of dignity, but considering they never had any in the first place, I guess they are still sat back at square one.

Update : It seems like the only reason that the Sun released this apology was because Cleverley rightfully took them to court for it (read the full story here) and won libel damages against the Sun for the article, although the amount of damages being paid to Tom is yet unknown.

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