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A Hazardous situation for Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

The United boardroom look on as Hazard announces his transfer to Chelsea. Picture created by Olly @ Redcafe.com

Eden Hazard had the world waiting on his every breath. His twitter account became the football Mecca. Fans followed like sheep and waited for him to divulge where he wanted to go. They all took a sharp intake when they saw that Hazard would be announcing what team he was going to later in the evening. Would it be Manchester City, United or Chelsea? Alas, he chose to move to London.

It should be noted first and foremost, Hazard is as egotistical as they get. He is already a record breaker for the fact that he becomes the first football player to announce his transfer on a social media platform. All this attention hasn’t half put him in the limelight before he has even come to the Premier League. He has made his own job harder and for a small 21-year-old coming to the most physical league in the world, it may be his own downfall.

Fans have quickly pulled a U-turn on Eden Hazard and said that Shinji Kagawa is a better player. He isn’t. There is a reason that Hazard has won two Ligue 1 young player of the year awards and two Ligue 1 player of the year awards in the past four years. He really is one of the most talented youngsters on the planet right now, so Chelsea have snapped up a great prospect.

Take nothing away from Kagawa, last year I highlighted him as a potential signing, and I would still love to see the Asian play-maker plying his trade at Old Trafford, but he is not a potential world beater in the same class of Hazard.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise to United fans to see us missing out on a big name signing we all wanted. Nasri from 2011, Benzema from 2009, Ozil from 2010, Sanchez from 2011, Hazard from 2012 – they all spring to mind. United have lost their power in the market and cannot compete with wages due to the crippling debt the Glazers have slapped on the club.

The positive out of this Hazard scenario is the fact that we had a bid accepted for him and with fees of £30m touted for the Belgian, the money must be there to spend. Reports are rife that Kagawa is close to signing this week for an expected fee of £15-20m, and let’s hope they are true. United need to kick on from a lacklustre, trophy-less season, and do everything in their power to ensure that City don’t get comfortable.

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