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Could Nani be hinting a possible move away from Manchester United?

by Sam Peoples

Nani celebrating a goal he scored for Manchester United (Getty)

Earlier this evening, Nani, through his agent came out with a comment which could be construed as him thinking about leaving Manchester United. He has spent 5 years at the Manchester club and has a divide of fans who love him and some that don’t think he pulls he weight at the club. He has not been the most consistent player in the squad recently, but the guy does have talent. I for one would not be happy to see him leave Manchester United.

The rumours have started earlier this evening when the following comments were released through the Portuguese Television Channel RTP;

“Now I am really happy, but I don’t know about my future.

“Now I will study opportunities. Football is not only about England or Spain. It is possible to enjoy success in other countries.

“My agent is waiting on news about United. We have presented a counter-offer and now we are waiting on an offer from the club.”

Reading between the lines it sounds like Manchester United have offered the Portugal international a new contract, which was not good enough for Nani to stay at the Manchester club. It might be that he see’s himself as a ‘star’ player in the same league as Wayne Rooney and would like a bumper pay deal to stay at the club, or he might actually want to leave. We don’t know the facts right now, but it is certainly not looking good for Manchester United right now.

Earlier this week, Manchester United missed out on signing the talented Belgian, Eden Hazard and now this is happening.  I am sure it will all be sorted quite quickly after Euro 2012 has taken place in Poland and Ukraine.

Personally I want to see Nani at the club next season but I feel he would make more of an impact if he plays on the right-wing more often. I just think he looks more of a threat in that position, rather than being on the left all the time.

By Paul Bienkowski

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