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Could Park Ji Sung Be Leaving Manchester United For QPR?

by Sam Peoples

Howard Nurse, BBC Sport Football Editor.

Are the days of the best ever chant at Old Trafford coming to an end?

Park, Park, wherever you may be,

They eat dogs in your home country,

It could be worse, you could be scouse,

Eating rats in your council house.

Park Ji Sung has had his picture removed from the Oslo section. Photo: Manutd.com

Rumours are rife on Twitter that QPR have tabled a £5 million bid for our three-lung midfielder and that he will be on his way out of Old Trafford this season. The plot has thickened after his picture was removed from the 2012 tour graphics and replaced by Rooney’s. Whilst £5 million represents good business for a player we have had great service from, can we really afford to lose another midfielder?

The only way Park’s exit could be justified would be if the squad was strengthened and replacements were brought in. The Times today reported that we bid £20 million for Portuguese playmaker Joao Moutinho but nothing has been officially announced and there are suggestions that Luka Modric is on his way to Madrid. Whatever the case may be, there is certainly a plethora of activity in and out of Old Trafford this summer but if it was up to me, Park wouldn’t be part of that cull. He still offers great back-up to the squad and is a great bit of cover – just as long as he isn’t chosen to play in the midfield against Manchester City again.

Rooney is now the figurehead for the Oslo part of the tour. Photo: Manutd.com

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