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Player Ratings: CFR Cluj 1-2 Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

De Gea  7   He made a crucial second half save from close range that saved our victory. He never had much of a chance on the goal. He showed good command in the air by taking a ball away from Cluj with only a few minutes on the clock.

Rafael  7   Another solid performance. He’s making fewer mistakes and showing the patience of wait for the right moment to dispossess his man.

Ferdinand  7  Pace was not an issue for Rio today, he handed everything that came his way with confidence and comfort. As always his passing is a great advantage.

Evans  6   His effort to defend the first goal was about as poor as possible, with only one man in the box it’s hard to understand why he gave him so much space. Luckily he recovered from that setback and was able help the team shut down Cluj from that point on.

Evra  5   A fairly poor game from Evra. He has to take at least half the blame for the Cluj goal, he moved inside inexplicably and allowed his man to run right past him. However, he did make a decent contribution to the attack.

Fletcher  6   A good performance, he wasn’t able to make any significant contribution to the attack but having a deep lying third central midfielder helped us to control the contest and limit Cluj’s chances.

Cleverley  7   He did a fine job running the midfield and his ability to drop deep and run the game, combined with his ability to link up play in the final third, is a fantastic asset.

Anderson 7   It was another strong performance. He minimised his turnovers and was constantly available. He was able to run past his man when needed and while he only had one decent chance on target, he was integral to our build up play.

Rooney  8   Two fantastic assists were crucial to collecting three points in this game. The second assist was especially impressive, and he was our catalyst in the final third. It’s great to see him linking up with Van Persie.

Van Persie  8   His first goal was almost completely luck but the second goal was a thing of beauty, a ridiculous finish with the outside of his left foot with the ball coming over his right shoulder. Glorious stuff, worth every penny.

Chicharito  6   He did a decent job getting involved in the build up play, but he didn’t provide the sort of cutting edge that he’s known for. It was a pretty quiet game for him.


Wootton  6  He didn’t have long to work, but with Cluj attacking a fair bit in the last 11 minutes plus he did all that was required, keep the ball out of the net.

Welbeck  5   He didn’t have much of a chance to get involved.

Any away game in the Champions League is difficult, and while Cluj may not strike fear into the hearts of supporters, they did manage to eliminate Basel in the qualifying rounds, the very team that knocked us out of the group stages last season.

We did well to take them very seriously and starting Ferdinand and Van Persie made all the difference, though it must have been tempting to rest both for a tough away match against Newcastle this weekend. It wasn’t an overwhelming performance but we controlled the game by dominating possession and limiting Cluj’s chances.

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