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[VIDEO] Meet Manchester United’s next assistant manager

by Sam Peoples

“Every time Manchester United lose a football game, there’s an inquest. They haven’t played well in the early parts of this season. They have conceded five goals and I think on Saturday, it was a culmination of what we have seen in previous weeks.” Gary Neville

When Gary Neville made the transition to becoming a Sky Sports pundit, a lot of people made the assumption that his red tinted glasses would stop him from making any sort of fair or accurate comment about football, especially about Manchester United.

However, the reality is that Gary Neville is probably the best and most knowledgeable pundit that Sky Sports has ever had – and I, for one, would love to see him as the assistant manager at Manchester United at one point.


His analysis of Manchester United’s defensive problems on MNF last night was absolutely spot on. 100%. The main point of his fantastic ten minute speech, which I highly recommend watching, is that the blame cannot be placed solely on Rio Ferdinand.

The team as a whole is defending woefully right now but Ferdinand will take most of the stick because he was left isolated against Bale as the rest of the defence left huge gaps between each other – and it is true.

Rafael and Evra weren’t giving any sort of cover to Evans and Ferdinand and not being tight to their centre backs meant that Tottenham’s players were able to exploit gaps with bursts through the middle.

Scholes and Carrick were joining in with the attacks and when Tottenham hit on the counter, there simply wasn’t enough cover to stop the threat of Tottenham powering through the middle.

I could listen to Gary Neville talk all football day long such is his knowledge. I don’t really know what Mike Phelan does in his role at United these days, he almost seems like a puppet, but he is certainly no Carlos Queiroz.

Gary Neville to be the next assistant manager? We could definitely do a lot worse.

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